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Course Descriptions

Effective Presentation Skills

Two-day program. Limit 10 participants

In this program, participants get the chance to practice and focus on their delivery skills. They learn how to relax and be themselves in front of an audience. They develop fundamental skills to help them speak effectively in all business situations – from on-on-one conversations to small-group meetings to a formal business presentation. Through video recording, individualized coaching, and individualized feedback, all participants will grow in their confidence to handle the pressure of that next business presentation.

Each participant will gain:

  • Comfort with fundamental skills.
  • A personal – and effective – style.
  • Deeper awareness of listeners.
  • Greater power to get results.

Each department will gain:

  • A framework for coaching and supporting each other.
  • Greater commitment to communication.
  • An environment that supports open communication.

Who should attend:

  • Executives
  • Sales professionals
  • Managers
  • Technical experts

Designing Effective Content

One-day workshop. Limit 12 participants.

In this workshop, participants learn how to design their presentation’s content strategically. Through a series of exercises – including the opportunity to apply this process to a presentation of their own – they will gain the ability to plan their messages to achieve specific results. To assist them in future efforts, they will be given a step-by-step planner that can be applied in a communications situation.

Each participant will gain:

  • An organized approach to planning.
  • The ability to choose the key objective and message
    for each situation.
  • The skill to develop listener-focused content.
  • The ability to persuade the listener.

Each department will gain:

  • A common Language for planning.
  • Listener/customer focus.
  • New synergy to move toward shared goals.

Who should attend:

Anyone charged with responsibility for developing presentation content