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Fair or not, executives have been stereotyped. And like most stereotypes, it’s rarely positive. How close do you fit the stereotype? For instance, does your leadership style suggest powerful but at the same time unapproachable? Tough but also unforgiving? Demanding but at times unrealistic? Given that image can and often does “go negative” for anyone in an executive role, qualified, on-target personal communication skills coaching can take you to a higher and much more effective level. Almost overnight you can achieve what we refer to as “executive presence.”

Executive presence is a speaking style that communicates

  • Confidence
  • Authority
  • Respect for each listener
  • Strength
  • Commitment
  • Energy
  • Being in the moment
  • Sincerity/genuineness
  • Openness

These characteristics are conveyed to an audience via your voice, posture, body movement, facial expression, and eye contact – all elements of delivery. It’s a matter of how the message is carried vs. the message itself. 

The goal of any training and/or coaching program is to assist you in making more powerful choices regarding the elements of delivery. This is accomplished through several short video recordings – each with a specific delivery goal – followed by constructive feedback. 

Throughout these coaching sessions particular attention is paid to preserving your authenticity. We want the real you – the best real you – to show up in every speaking situation, regardless of audience makeup, size, circumstances, or stated objective.

Make that next major presentation to a key customer or stakeholder more powerful through focused instruction and feedback from an experienced consultant. We want you to make a difference the next time and every time you speak.