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Most sales professionals come across as confident and comfortable in front of an audience. They may even sound excited about what they’re selling. On the surface that may seem like a winning combination. But that’s yesterday’s model. Slick, smooth, and fast have given way to conversational and connected. The company and product overview has given way to the customized solution with two-way interaction.

Successful sales professionals listen as much as they talk. They understand their long-term goals are dependent on getting to know their customers inside and out, then offering customized solutions that fit into an overall plan.

What communications skills will best serve you in this highly competitive environment? Could it include better listening? How about a process for targeting your message? Could speaking with a stronger connection with each listener help? What would happen if you could handle Q&A in such a way as to enhance your credibility while moving the sales process along at the same time?

Our communication skills program for sales professionals has the potential to deliver all that and more. You just have to ask!