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Improve Your Communication Skills Through Customized Programs

The ability to communicate effectively is essential for the success of any business activity. Focusing on personal communication skills can benefit professionals—whether they are engaged in a one-on-one conversation with a new client or speaking formally to the company’s executive management team.

At Confidently Speaking, we can help you in:

Crafting More Compelling Messages

Developing a Stronger Presentation Style

Connecting With Any Audience

Our Programs

We offer workshops with customizable content that are based on the needs and expectations of our participants and their organizations. You will surely gain amazing results backed with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

  • The Confident Speaker

    This two-day fundamental program addresses both presentation delivery and content. Improving these two aspects of speaking can help you make better decisions when choosing what to say and how to say it. This program can be tailored to an organization’s or department’s priorities and assessed needs.

  • Individualized Coaching

    This is a popular option for executives, high-ranking experts, and organizational representatives. In this program, attendees are able to take full advantage of one-on-one feedback sessions, which are scheduled on an agreed time and frequency. You can be assured that improvement in your communication skills will be immediate, continuous, and – more than likely – life-changing.

  • Managing the Media Interview

    Company representatives are often required to meet with the media, often on the spur of the moment. You will be more focused and ready to answer tough questions after participating in this interactive, one-day program. You will learn what to expect in high-pressure situations and how to successfully communicate through preparation and reduced intimidation.


Frequently Asked Questions

I took a public speaking class in college and presentation skills training at the last company I worked for. What makes your programs different (better!)?

We separate delivery from content training. It makes our instruction and coaching much more focused and effective. Our customers claim they take away much more than from previous classes.

I’m pretty comfortable speaking in front of an audience. How can I be sure your program will be worth my time?

Some of our most appreciative participants are the seasoned veterans. They have already discovered how speaking more effectively helps their organization and careers. They’re often surprised to learn how quickly they can take their effectiveness to the next level. They’re reminded that speaker excellence is a journey, not a destination.

Most business presentations are dull. How can I spice up my next report to upper management?

You’ve probably got a choice. It could simply be a matter of doing a better job of targeting your message to the people sitting in front of you. Or maybe you need to do a better job of connecting to your content first. Make sure you’re interested before figuring out how to be more interesting. Then, there’s the issue of nervousness, which often sucks the energy right out of your delivery style.

It all starts with an objective assessment. No guessing allowed!

How do you make sure the improvements we agree on stick?

Ninety days of free consultation for starters! That can take a variety of forms—help with an upcoming presentation or a critique of a speech you had recorded. We also encourage a follow-up session for all our clients 3–4 months down the road from any intensive two-day training program to handle specific concerns and a whole new set of challenges. The journey continues!

What’s the most common problem business presenters need to fix?

Dullness, without a doubt! Unfortunately, the ways to achieve dullness are numerous! Some are content related. Many are due to poor delivery choices. Regardless of the reasons, dullness is a curable disease. No surgery or heavy medication required!

We’re ready to help you discover and tap into your unrealized potential!

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